Recognition of Prior Learning

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Key Skills Training recognises that students can acquire vocational skills from a variety of different sources, other than formal training. These skills are valid, irrespective of how they were acquired.
What is RPL?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is the formal recognition of the skills and knowledge a person has regardless of how or where these skills were attained, be that through formal or informal training, work experience voluntary work or life experience. The evidence provided for RPL must address the competencies that would be assessed through the planned course of study. To determine the suitability for the RPL assessment process, candidates must initially self-assess themselves against the competencies and performance criteria for the units of competency that RPL is sought. For RPL to be awarded, all performance criteria within the units must be met. A self-assessment form will be issued to candidates on application for RPL. All unit pre-requisites must be met. NB: RPL varies with each individual and is assessed on a case-by-case basis.
What are the benefits of RPL?

If a person’s existing knowledge and skills clearly demonstrate competency against some or all of the performance criteria’s required in the training, they may be given full or partial credit for that course.
If an RPL application is successful you may:
• eliminate the need for learning skills and knowledge you already have
• finish your course earlier

Who can apply for RPL?

Anyone can apply for RPL. A typical successful applicant is someone who has a reasonable amount of experience in the area their course covers. This experience may have come through working in the field or through other life experiences. If you are continuing from secondary school or you have limited work or life experience, you should consider your claim for RPL carefully before applying.
How does RPL work?

The process of RPL involves matching what you already know and can do to the elements and performance criteria for a unit of competency within a particular subject. It requires that you put in some considerable effort to collect evidence regarding your skills and experience. You are solely responsible for demonstrating how the evidence that you have submitted relates to the competency concerned.
What evidence do I need to provide?

Evidence (for RPL) is information that provides proof of competency. The term ‘evidence’ applies to anything you produce to verify your skills, knowledge and experience and must be matched to the elements and performance criteria of a unit of competence.

The purpose of evidence is to demonstrate that you already have the skills and knowledge to meet competency requirements and industry standards. Evidence can take many forms and could include:

• samples, photographs or videos of your work
• a practical on-the-job assessment
• certificates and qualifications from previous study
• a simulation of a work activity
• letters of validation from your employer and/or clients
• your performance management reports
• copies of documents you have completed at work
• a portfolio of workplace documents, for example policies and procedures that you work with.
An Assessor may use the following approaches to gathering evidence:

• real work/real time activities, including direct observation and third party reports
• structured activities, including simulation, demonstration and activity sheets
• questioning, including oral and written questions
• portfolios that include collections of evidence you compile.

What is the cost for RPL?

There is a cost involved in the RPL process. Each individual applicant needs to be fully assessed against a national course or qualification and there is a charge for this service.
At the time of application there is a one off administration charge of $60.00.

The cost of each unit of competency varies depending on the unit/s you are applying for RPL, however you can expect to pay around 50% of the full cost of the course.
Please contact us at if you would like to make an RPL application so we can provide you with further information on the unit costs.
How do I apply?

Prior to commencement of the course download and complete the RPL application form and forward by either
Post:  Key Skills Training
           PO Box 995
           Five Dock NSW 2046
          Attn: Compliance Manager

On receipt of your application we will contact you to arrange an appointment to discuss your RPL application with an RPL assessor.